Bitcoin in Peru: Stores that Accept Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies

Last week I purchased some Bitcoin as an experiment to see if I could find places to pay with them. Peruvians are already used to QR codes because of YAPE; so I thought it should not be difficult for shops to add digital currencies and have another QR ready to show customers.

Here is the list of shops that I found so far, I’ll be adding more in the future, remember to agree with the server the correct amount that you will pay before scanning and paying with the currency of your choice.

Liberta Café

Calle Schell 455, Miraflores, Peru
Accepts: Bitcoin and Ethereum

Kind people serving coffee from the VRAEM area of PerĂș, plenty of methods to choose from as well as pretty good food like sandwiches, pasta dishes and desserts.

Kaiyo Rolls

Calle Manuel Bonilla 170 Miraflores
Accepts: Bitcoin, Ethereum USDC, USDT. DAI, BUSD, nuPEN and GBPT

Sushi, ramen and cocktails, most the menu are nikkei rolls and creative cocktails. There are also hidden items like the chirashi sushi and some varieties of sake.

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