Shooting with an iPhone

Yesterday I sold the last one of my lenses, a Nikon 28-28mm leftover from my DSLR gear I used to carry around. While its great to have plenty of lenses available to fit the vision of the moment, over time I found I was able to make good enough captures and natural frames using just my smartphone; most likely because it is almost always available when I needed it.

Year 2006 last time I used a Nikon Df

In a time where social media is king and throughput tends to be more important than quality, the capacity to create and edit on the same device made it the perfect tool for me to quickly publish pictures. At least in my case, what used to take quite a bit of time with a DSLR and Lightroom, now takes only a few minutes with an iPhone and Google Photos:

Charsiu Bao Macro Shot on Google Photos

iPhones today have multiple cameras with different focal lenghts and high ISO sensitivity which makes it perfect for daily shooting without having to carry bag with multiple bodies & lenses. One the main limitations though, still is night time photography, however results can be improved with some extra lights or with the help of… an smartphone flashlight! 😂:

Low Light wide Angle shot with iPhone

Besides photos, I recently started recording some videos for stories and reels, at 4k and 60 fps they tend to fill up my phone memory and deplete the battery, and the shaking is quite noticeable so I will stick to taking photos for now.

Argentina Landscape

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