Linktree Alternative for WordPress

The original landing pages at Kaiyo Rolls and Acurruncun were originally aimed for laptops, these clunky WordPress sites did not have the nicest UX but they got the job done for a long time by allowing automation of delivery orders for users arriving from mobile apps like Instagram, TikTok and even the old Facebook.

restaurants started to rely more on sales at the physical store (as expected) and we saw a steep decline in our website orders and in recent months apps like Rappi, DiDiFood, PedidosYA, MESA247, etc. started competing for the delivery market with more attractive % for restaurants so we signed up for all of them, on top of that with the increased demand for tables, we added a separate reservation site, which meant one more link to our list.

To consolidate all these app links and channel users to their preferred store, pdf menu or the reservation system instead of using LinkTree, I found the WordPress sites can be modified to look like a simple yet cool landing page using a theme by Anders Noren called Oaknut. The result: we kept our sites running along with other tools like Google Analytics at less than half the price per month than LinkTree with all the links we needed and a higher degree of customization:

At the same time we placed QRs on the tables that lead to our website with menus and links to apps or reservations in case they want to order delivery in the future.

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