Kaiyo Rolls on Nikkei Plus

About a year after opening Kaiyo Rolls in Miraflores, we received a message from Roger Gonzales, journalist and director of Nikkei Plus which is an news outlet focused on the Nikkei community in Peru who was looking for Nikkei restaurants stories. For me it was probably the second time I was interviewed regarding a business I’m involved in, so it was nice to get some recognition, it was also a fun opportunity to share behind scenes anectodes of the restaurant, so thanks Roger!

One thing that I forgot to mention during the interview and most people don’t know is that before Christian, Victoria and myself decided to invest in Kaiyo Rolls, we wanted to start a Peruvian-Chinese (Chifa) bar concept but after searching for more than two months for a commercial space that could hold a Chinese kitchen, we decided to focus on an existing brand instead. Personally it was a much easier choice for me since I was more familiar with Japanese cuisine than Chinese.

Kaiyo Rolls Bao Test

At the time of the interview we were already known for the sushi rolls, but as the temperature drops in Lima, our version of ramen is becoming more and more popular. In parallel we are also experimenting with baos, stir fry dishes and set-lunches to expand our menu for the winter season.

For the full interview and other interesting articles from Nikkei Plus: Kaiyo Rolls: “Queremos participar más en la vida de los clientes con deliciosos platos bonitas experiencias”

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