First Crypto Sushi in Lima

It was many years ago when I heard about Bitcoin, I believe was the first digital currency to see light, as a consumer who regularly paid with cash and plastic, crypto seemed like a nice option but at the time it was not very as frictionless as other digital alternatives like PayPal and Venmo who still relied on USD for transactions. Forward 2022, I downloaded Coinbase to accept a small amount of Ethereum to split lunch with a friend who had a short layover in Peru; besides adding some novelty to the evening I figured such a small amount of Ethereum could eventually exchanged into soles. I started wondering if it was just the two us or there could be more people using crypto? And if so, where could they be spending it? A quick search turned out the following restaurants:

Coinmap restaurants in Lima
Restaurants Accepting Crypto in Lima – Map by

Before we added Kaiyo Rolls to, there were only three restaurants in Lima that accept crypto, which makes it the first crypto sushi in Lima!. As it turns out you can’t do much digital currencies without exchanging crypto first, so to fix that, we used a Coinbase has plugin on our website which is pretty convenient and proves the concept of decentralized digital currency application. Its wallet app also enables very fast cross border payments between people and businesses willing to take the risk by enabling QR codes for checkout as well as providing an ETH hash:

Coinbase Commerce QR Hash Checkout
Coinbase Commerce Checkout on

It has been more than a month since our first sale using Ethereum, so far we have only received one online order since implementing a couple of months ago. I wonder if crypto currency will ever be adopted and if it will ever move beyond mere speculation on trading platforms… maybe central banks should develop a digital currency that makes trading faster and cheaper… what do you think?

Sushi boat at Kaiyo Rolls
Sushi Boat for Two at Kaiyo Rolls Lima

In the meantime here is a full boat of sushi for 79 soles or roughly 0.00017 ETH, are you interested in crypto? Feel free to join Coinbase with my link and get $10 worth of crypto: Join Coinbase.

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