Crushing and Conveying 2023 by DEEV Peru

This year I was invited as Technical Advisor to one of the most interesting mining events since Peru opened up: the Crushing and Conveying Conference organized by DEEV Peru. The organization, made a huge effort in creating a technically strong lineup that really showed on the level of the presentations. It was also a great opportunity to meet new and old colleagues who I haven’t seen in years because of travel and meeting limitations caused by the pandemic.

Discussion panel with conveyor experts

Besides the technical aspects, the conference allowed the speakers the opportunity to discuss challenging topics on answer questions from a diverse audience. After each set of presentations, there was the opportunity to network and discuss the current state and future of the industry.

DEEV T&T Peru 2023 Presentations

In parallel with the Crushing and Conveying conference, DEEV decided to run the Advanced Process Control Conference which showed many supplier innovations and real world cases from local mining companies:

DEEV APC Congress Presentations

As opposed to many other conferences I attended in Lima, this event was the first that was more technically focused (instead of just commercial presentations by suppliers’ sales teams) and was in sync with industry trends such as artificial intelligence and data analysis applied to mining which in my opinion is lagging behind other industries.

For more information on mining events in Peru check their website at

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