Chile Mobility Pass

It has been almost two years since I left Chile in the midst of the pandemic, so this week I decided to return to Santiago to visit friends and check on the local food scene. While not required to enter the country, Chile requires to validate vaccines from other countries for in-country travel and to enter restaurants.

To get the mobility pass, just go to the official government website where you can create an account using your email and then upload all the vaccination records from your home country:

#yomevacuno Login

After entering all my vaccination records, I took less than 24 hours to get an email notifying me all the vaccines had been validated. Once approved, you can download this pass as pdf, carry it with you and enjoy restaurants and local travel in Chile:

What was the first thing I did after getting the pass? Went to Kintaro for some winter Ramen:

Kintaro Ramen – Monjitas 460

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