Acurruncun – Two Years of Authentic Peruvian Food

It was January 2020 when Christian Cuadros, Jimmy Rosales and myself opened the doors of Acurruncun at an old house in the lively Surquillo district of Lima. It took almost three months of preparation and remodeling before being able share classic Peruvian dishes. The menu is not very big and cointains family classics such as chicken-tomato pasta, green chicken rice, as well as more known dishes like lomo saltado and ceviche in a very casual setting. The recipe for a “huarique”, peruvian slang that defines a small and hidden restaurant with really good food, warm service and usually reasonable price.

Sometimes one might wonder, why venture to a huarique? Simple, places like these serve more authentic food with careful service. In the case of Acurruncun, we aimed to follow that same line and share all the flavors from our childhood. This is possible thanks to chef Jimmy and Christian, both worked at the original Astrid & Gaston in Miraflores, this plus all their experience at other restaurants ensure an enjoyable experience for all our visitors.

After stayin open against all odds during the pandemic, we decided to open a second location at Mercado 28 food court in Miraflores district, with slightly different menu that includes night time classics such as beef heart skewers and the creole sampler.

If you are in Lima, it is definitely a good option for a quick bite in Miraflores or for a bigger group at the Surquillo location. For more restaurants please check my heavily biased list of restaurants in Lima 😂.

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