I’m a mechanical engineer living in Lima. I enjoy building things, surfing, and biking. Before moving to Peru, I worked and studied in Chile, China, and the United States. After leaving my full time job in 2015 I spent most of my time building cool things:

Co-founder, Artificial intelligence for restaurants.

EGX Ventures
Engineering and business consulting.

Conveyor Dynamics Latam
Conveyor Dynamics is the leading overland conveyor consulting company in the world.

Acurruncun Cocina Criolla
Co-founder of Acurruncun, classic Peruvian food.

Kaiyo Rolls
Co-founder of Kaiyo Rolls, laid back Japanese inspired restaurant.

Paint Bar Lima
Community to promote art and food in a casual setting. Pretty much an adaption of paint nights for restaurants in Lima.

I’m always open to comments and new ideas, so feel free to reach out by email or twitter.